Trying to make an idea come to life.

My name is John and I have always enjoyed card and tabletop games.  When I was younger I would create my own games, from a wrestling promotion game using pencil, paper and dice to writing my own choose your own adventure books.  All this was for my friends and family to play but I thought what if I could actually create a real life game.

I have had many theories of what to do but I always come back to a fantasy card game.  I wanted something that represented all types of fantasy so no matter who you were you could play your favorite fantasy faction.

Next was how is the game going to play.  I have lost count of how many times I have been waiting for just the right card to play.  Either not having enough mana or land to play it.  Or having a mass of resources but waiting for the right card to appear.  No I decided that players will have a pre-constructed deck that they can use to pick their starting army but I needed a way to keep the thrill of picking up that next card.  Also Dice, it must contain using dice.

So much to think about, its a good base idea but I need –

Sound Fun Game Mechanics including rule set.

Factions with interesting backgrounds and histories.


Play Testing.

A way to market the game.

Manufacture said game.

Its quite a daunting task but you have to start somewhere.  When I was browsing the net for advice I found this excellent website –

And first piece of advice was to write a blog.  So this is my blog.  The story of how I try and get the idea I have out of my head and onto the table.

Here goes.